ADC Technology Platform

Our ADC technology platform enables us to design and develop ADC candidates with strong safety and efficacy profile.


Our Company has a fully integrated ADC technology platform covering the whole process of research, development and manufacturing of ADCs. The key functionalities of our ADC platform include (i) process development for antibody, linker and payload; (ii) advanced conjugation technologies; (iii) optimization technologies that realize precise control of DAR; (iv) quality analysis and evaluation for antibody, linker and payload; and (v) manufacturing and quality control of ADC DS and DP in compliance with the cGMP standards.


Leveraging our ADC technology platform, our Company has developed four clinical-stage ADC drug candidates, and one drug candidate jointly developed with a third-party through a joint venture. Our leading ADC products, MRG003 and MRG002 have demonstrated favorable efficacy and safety profiles in clinical studies.